Renting A Luxury Car For Your Holiday Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

Of course buying such a car may be beyond your budget, but even renting them is quite expensive. However, if you follow the tips given below, then you can get a luxury car rental at quite cheap rates comparatively.

British Travellers

As far as British travellers are concerned, most tour operators and car rental companies say that the highest demand is in the USA.

Florida Keys

This is because the British love to take an open car and drive along the route that takes them through the Florida Keys or go for a spin in a sports car along the Pacific coast of California.

Luxury Vehicles

The best part is that the rates for these experiences are quite affordable. Sports and luxury vehicles are also available for rent in key European holiday destinations like Tuscany and the South of France.

What Options You Have

While if you are holidaying in the UK itself then you can rent a new luxury car from London, and other major airports or the alternative is to spin around in a classic vintage model for a few days.

Rental Costs

The rates of luxury car rentals vary widely from one country to another and from one region of the UK to another. Then again as mentioned above the larger car rental companies are more likely to provide luxury vehicles at very affordable rates because of the huge businesses that they conduct. On the other hand, the smaller companies may have more desirable models of cars and may specialise in sports cars or other such luxury vehicles.

The average cost of renting a Ford Mustang Cabriolet of a similar car from a mid-sized company can be £237 from Orlando, £300 from Las Vegas and £384 from San Francisco. On the other hand, if you are travelling in Europe and you want to rent an Audi convertible or something similar then it may cost anything around £480 from Nice, and £617 from Pisa. All in all renting a luxury car can be quite a breeze if you know how to do it properly.